International Participants Map

by cheryl
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This data visualization, created by JRP researcher and journalism professor, Cheryl Vallender, outlines the international participants from the Global North and South who participated in the second wave of the Journalistic Role Performance Project. Hovering over a nation will provide with a list of numerical stats that indicate where it ranks for the prevalence of journalistic roles.

The six journalistic dimensions can be defined and understood as follows: the first is the interventionist role, where a journalist takes sides or promotes action as part of a news story. The second and third roles centre power relations — the watchdog’s role includes critiquing the government, while the loyal facilitator supports government narratives. The final three roles examine the relationship a journalist has with its audience: in the service role, journalists cover anything from consumer tips to food and health recommendations; in the infotainment role, reporters create content that is designed to entertain, and does not always inform; and finally, in the civic role, coverage centres on the perspectives and rights of citizens.

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